Divorced Dad Does…a $20 Suit!

Let’s branch out of the divorce talk and get into money savings talk! When in your late 40’s life comes with a couple changes. One…you getting older, feeling order, looking older…. sure we all get that right? But the second thing is your cute young nieces and nephews are growing up and your parents are getting old. Once this realization came into focus a little while back I decided it was time to purchase the official Wedding/Funeral suit.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What is a Wedding/Funeral suit you ask? It’s that nice gray, not to light, not to dark suit that lets you be a chameleon between occasions. What separates the gray suit between a wedding and funeral? The tie of course! Color it up for a party or go black for the wake.

Now…how did DDD pull off a $20 suit? No neither a Goodwill store or a second had store were involved. I actually purchased a beautiful gray Ralph Lauren suit. Something that will stay in style and last in quality for several years. First, I shopped around online checking different stores trying to get an idea of what I would need to pay. When I retired back in 2008 I basically donated all my suits and ties as I swore I had no need for them again. Well here I am trying to navigate between $200, $500 and $1000 suits. What makes them all different anyways? Honestly I have no idea really….quality and style and store name are the basics to a suit it seems. Quick side note, in high school I actually sold suits when I was seventeen. I was pretty good at sales and pissed off the long time sales guys that were losing commissions to a punk kid. (Another story….another day…and it involves a cocaine bust!!)

Ok back to shopping….Macy’s just announced they were closing 125 stores. That means they need to move product which really means clearance sales. So I went to the fancy outdoor shopping mall and found the Macy’s. After dodging around the sample cologne spraying chic I found the suit department and everything was marked down big time! I found a suit that was $600 and marked down to $260 in total. That is a score, but then I went one step further. I am big on finding free money and over the past month or so I have been using Rakuten. Rakuten gives rebates back on a lot of my everyday purchases and my rebate was up to $240. I could take the money or they offered E-gift cards for different stores. Yes…Macy’s was on the list! Not having a cell signal I had to hide the suit and went outside for cell service, downloaded the E-card, went back in and purchased the suit FOR…..$20!!!

Note I am not paid by Rakuten but I love finding apps that give free money/rebates on things I am already buying, and I will talk more about those in the future. But my girlfriend and I have been laughing about the $20 suit for a couple days now. I think I actually impressed her with this money saving move and that honestly makes me happy.


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