Divorced Dad Does – Active Shooter Drill….jeesh

So many things to talk about concerning last week! Stock market, Cornavirus, Primary’s and who got booted off Legomasters! But I am going in a totally different direction since I just received an email from my 12yr old daughters school about them having an Active Shooter Drill.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

First and foremost I understand guns, in the sense that they are used for hunting, sport shooting and other recreational activities. Growing up in the Midwest deer season, duck season and quail season are all very popular sports, and about 99% of hunters use and eat what they are hunting. Totally get it….no issues. But SERIOUSLY….my 12 year old girl has to help block an entrance to a door, turn off lights and hide in a corner behind a desk with other students. Let’s step back and say this again…..girl – hide – shooter in school. What the F_ck. This is our new normal and it makes me extremely sad. Most of all I am not only sad for my kids having to experience and think about this issue in school. I am sad for the teachers that are already underpaid, overworked and are now further protectors of 20-30 lives in their classrooms. I actually feel bad for responsible gun owners that use and lock away their guns properly. They are associated with those that use guns to harm and intimidate and quite frankly surprised they have not created a new NRA type of organization. And I am really sad personally that our own government will not actually act on this issue.

The United States averages 37,000+ gun deaths a year. Let’s stop and go sideways for one second. Cars, yes cars…, are always being sold with what advanced technology? Safety right. Every year cars get safer and why is that….because we want to be protected. Pretty simple fact no one can really argue. Now what is the leading cause of death BEHIND auto accidents for kids/teens? Gun deaths. Yep….more kids die by guns then by cars and look how much technology, money, advertising, federal laws, state laws, DMV tests and license testing goes into the simple act of driving a car. Let’s look at the gun side now…… you know exactly where I am going right? If you really stand back…..Americans are the most dangerous to other Americans. No other countries kill as many Americans as Americans.

Oh wow just as I am writing this post I got a text message from my kids school. “Active Shooter Drill Happening” This is only a test. With all the 7th grade drama, school work/tests, and after school activities, my 7th grader has to put this on her plate too. My girlfriend, a HS math teacher, just called to tell me how stressful the Active Shooting Drill was today for the kids and faculty. She keeps explaining that this was not on the job description when she decided to go into teaching.

I know this post will not be seen and even if it was, it won’t go far. None of us can really do anything unless our own government decides to protect us with laws that make sense to purchase, buy and use a gun.

You know one of my friends is a high ranking official for a Police Dept. I asked him what does he do with his gun when not on duty? “Do you have some kind of safe at home?” He was like…..“I’m not bringing a gun home, that’s just stupid.” And that sums it up for me.


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