Divorced Dad Does – Its Common Sense People!

Common Sense – What is it exactly? Well the dictionary states Common Sense is sound practical judgment concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge that is shared by (“common to”) nearly all people. My description is a little different….. Common Sense is people acting dumb which then disturbs others for no stupid reason.

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

I am here today to speak to all people that may lack a little common sense. I know we are not perfect and have done things that did not make sense, but most of the time we should be trying to do the little things to make humanity a little bit easier for us all. I am going to make a small list of things that tick me off to all get out! I am sure you might have your own common sense list but here is mine to share with you.

  • Drive Right! Pass Left. I just don’t get how someone can drive 60mph in the left lane with a 65mph highway! First that outside lane is anything but 65mph….its usually around 80mph out here in California. But the bigger question is why do you think its ok to drive slower in the left lane then the slower right lane? Did they not teach this in the driving handbook? Do you feel you might be passing another car so you are to lazy to go back into the right lane? Maybe you are just clueless of the 8 cars lined up tailgating you? Whatever your issue… move over so we can all get going where we want faster!
  • Wash Your Hands….Seriously. Let me state that this is not because of the recent Coronavirus developments. The flu kills appox. 56,000 people a year….yes the flu! I use to travel a lot and was always disgusted when I watched people walk out of the airport restrooms without washing their hands. Think Atlanta airport and under half the people wash? It is the easiest, simplest thing you can do to not get sick or others sick. Only about 66% of Americans wash their hands and that is probably not done correctly. Why the Govt. doesn’t make a big campaign out of this I have no idea! We should embarrass anyone walking out of a restroom that had not washed their hands!
  • Check Writers. I can go into any grocery store, buy food and Apple Pay in seconds. But what happens is I get behind someone that writes a check. Then the manager has to be called to verify the check along with checking ID. Then…that person usually is recording that check into their checkbook. The process is ridiculous and its time to get a credit card! This is kinda like driving in the left lane above. Please get out of our way!
  • Throwing Trash out your Car. It is so friggin simple people!! You have trash, your driving and instead of just throwing it out the window why not just hold onto it when you park or get gas or get home. There is a trash can somewhere close I promise! I loose my shit when someone throws trash out their car window. I honk, flash lights anything to embarrass the crap out of them. Why trash our city, state, country? Do you like looking at trash? Do you like almost hitting highway workers that block a lane of traffic so they can pick up trash? How about paying more in taxes to clean up everything? When you get where you are going….my bet is there is a trash can close by to use.
  • Throwing Cigarettes out your Car. Just like above….except when you throw your cigarette out the car window in California, there is a very real possibility it might start a fire. No really…it happens all the time and the fire departments try and put them out before they get out of control. I love smokers because here they have this nasty habit that literally intrudes on everybody. But yet they don’t want cigarette butts or smoke in their car. You are sucking these things into your lungs….but you can’t use an ashtray in the car?? If you smoke….deal with the responsibility of proper disposal.
  • Voicemail. I am somewhat of an introvert and I hate talking on the phone. My kids, I will talk to of course, but anyone else……nah. I let my calls usually go to voicemail. On my voicemail I give strict instructions…..“for a quicker response please text.” How many people hangup and call again….then hang up and call AGAIN! I said text people, I don’t want to talk on the phone.
  • Dogs off Leash. I am a runner and sometimes I even run with my dog (on a leash). There is nothing worse then having a dog charge at you, friendly or not, as you are mid 6-8 miles on trail run. Most people laugh it off or ignore the it completely. But here I am sweating, climbing, traversing single track and some large dogs comes charging at me…. even if you yell “he’s friendly” that does nothing for stopping me in my track. You know if your dog is lame and slow or charges toward every friendly face. If it charges….put it on a leash. If it doesn’t…no worries I run right past and the dog could care less. I had this happen to me last week…..single track, climbing with a ledge. Dog comes at me, I nudge my knee to the left and off the ledge he goes! He was fine….but somehow its my fault. The woman is screaming at me for her dog coming at me. No matter how many times I said “leash your dog” she was not having it. So over the side your dog goes!
  • Public Restrooms. This one pains me so much! We live in the United States of America and trying to find a public restroom to use is almost impossible. Now if you do find one they are usually so disgusting you try not to use it! I think of public restrooms as a job creator. There are thousands of people that could be paid to work at public restrooms keeping them clean and free from graffiti. Also cities could build public restrooms and charge a small fee along with having someone attend the location. There is nothing worse then being in a public space and not being able to find a public restroom. As I tell my kids when we are near a restroom…use it now because you never know when/where the next one will come up.

So there you go….just a few of Divorced Dad Does grumpy old man rants. Get off my lawn!! But if you are one of these people, consider others, please!


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