Divorced Dad Does – For an Introvert Social Distancing Rocks

Holy cats! What a great couple of weeks for us Introverts out there in the World. We officially have a reason to avoid people, no small talk, no sitting next to anyone, no nada! Just a couple “cough, coughs” and people will head the other way. This is even better then wearing a Make America Great hat that Larry David came up with a month back on his show! Yes I am taking the humorous route with everything going on right now….but I might as well embrace the space.

I am a selective Introvert. What does that mean? I can talk in front of large crowds, I can sell an idea, I can make money with confidence and personality. BUT….at heart I am an Introvert. I hate small talk, small groups of strangers that force themselves to talk to each other, networking, conferences etc… I like my space and I have no issue being alone. In fact I love the solitude sometimes, so much I will go camping by myself or spend time in my house alone. You get to avoid all the stuff that frankly is a waste of time to us Introverts. “How are you today”, “Looks like its going to rain”, “What do you do for a living”, on and on and on and on. You hear me Introverts, we just don’t care to have those conversations.

But why are we so against small talk, small gatherings with strangers? Its because WE DON’T CARE. See its nothing personal its just that you are a stranger and I have no plans to make friends with you. As Introvert’s we do not have a lot of friends. What we do have is a small group of close friends that revolved selectively over time. We are not looking for new friends or relationships. We like our social circle small and we like being in somewhat control. Basically we know what we are getting from our friends. Strangers….you have no idea what they are going to do or say. Ever been on a plane and say one thing to the person next to you, and the next thing you are in an hour conversation that you could care less about? Introvert’s are the people with the noise canceling headphones on before the plane even finishes boarding. We hunker down, create our small little space (World) and make it our own.

Any Introverts with kids? If you have kids that are Extroverts this can be very hard for us Introverts. Kids can be outgoing, loud, asking questions to others and basically having no fear. It can make me cringe at times, not because of my daughter, but because of the social interaction she is creating. We feel it deep down, an uncomfortable feeling of not wanting to be present in the situation. Introverts with Extrovert kids will sit in the back of the auditorium if they are in a play or concert. We hope nothing makes our kids standout from others because it could be an embarrassing moment. But you know what, over time I have learned to accept and feel positive for these moments. Even if deep down I feel differently, we (I) have to change sometimes to work with the ones you love. So if you are an Introvert, welcome to our group, there are a lot of us out here. But do know if you have kids, you will have to push yourself outside the boundaries to show them your love and appreciation.


One thought on “Divorced Dad Does – For an Introvert Social Distancing Rocks

  1. Carter, I have had to push myself wayyy out of my comfort zone with my kids. It’s been difficult at times but I’m learning to expand myself in different ways. Luckily the kids have gently pushed me but not too far in having people over or big parties. Their select group of friends are welcome here (I have my favorites that I don’t mind coming over) but before I was divorced it was a battle with the ex about having parties. Now I’m the Queen at the helm so it’s different. Interestingly enough, I have expanded my horizons now that I am not being forced to by the ex and I like it…well, I like it a little more. 🙂 I have a select group of friends as well and I’m good with it. I don’t need to be a big social butterfly. That was never me.


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