Divorced Dad Does – Lego with your Kids

You are never to old to build Lego. Let me say that again – you are NEVER to old to build Lego with your kids! Dad’s (and Mom’s) this is your time to connect with your kids while everyone is at home. Lego (not Lego’s) are a creative, fun, thoughtful follow the instructions or else engineering toy for everyone.

As a child I had no clue about Lego. My parents never bought them and since we were pretty middle class poor, it might have been to expensive anyways. But just one Lego in my life and I think I would have thought differently growing up. The ability to follow instructions, piece by piece, making you work towards the goal of your Lego coming out to look like the front of the box is everything! With my kids when things are not working, we came up with the phrase “Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.” Basically start taking it apart to where you might have not correctly connected something and then rebuild. That skill alone can be valuable for a child but think about having that in your everyday life as an adult? Have you ever gotten lost but you still keep driving forwards? Make a statement that ended up not being received property and sticking to your guns instead of admitting ignorance? Lego will not work unless you sometimes go backwards and fix what you messed up….kind of like life.

With the current situation of sitting at home NOW is the time to spend those quality hours with your kids. You can find Lego about anywhere and they don’t have to be expensive.

*Amazon.com, of course, is a great place to order online and receive it quickly.

*Lego.com sells direct and sometimes will have sales and discounts.

*eBay.com sells new and used sets that people have put together, torn apart and put all the pieces back in the box with the directions.

*Craigslist.com is another way of maybe picking up a cheaper Lego nearby your area without much driving.

*Nextdoor.com is a local neighborhood app. that you can post to your neighbors. You never know if there is someone that might be selling or just wanting to get rid of Lego for free.

Now we have talked about following instructions and building cool things, but you can also go Lego MasterBuilder style and build whatever you want! This is a great way to use your imagination to build whatever! Flying unicorns, a flying car with 8 wheels and rocket, home with all glass walls….I think you get the point. Whatever you and/or your child builds will be cool because YOU built it! If you are needing inspiration also watch The Lego Movie, The Lego Movie II or The Batman Lego Movie. All are great family movies that will inspire everyone to build and spend time together.

Now Lego do this!


One thought on “Divorced Dad Does – Lego with your Kids

  1. My kids were never into Legos so I’ve never really played with them. I have a friend though whose son loves them and has built so many amazing things! Enjoy building! 🙂


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