Divorced Dad Does – What Makes a Good Leader?

I have been fortunate to learn so much over the years of working in a business that started from the ground up. Since retirement back in 2008, I have continued my good fortune of raising my kids, doing non-profit work and having some adventure. Like everyone, I am are sitting at home trying to keep busy. While coming back from my walk I realized these last couple of weeks have been a really good example of what makes a good leader? This can pertain to any type of work…..from management to VP to CEO and yes President. I am not going to get political…but man the examples have been flung all over lately.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

After making mistakes as I grew up in the working world, I learned failure happens. But, failure is a great time to learn, recognize and create a new way of doing things in the future. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Again….NO ONE IS PERFECT! We all make mistakes and we all fail. Now I have always lived with a motto of “Failure is Not an Option.” Most people think I mean if you fail you lose, but that is incorrect. You will fail but learning from that failure and then succeeding is the purpose of that quote.

Now let’s just look around the world today. Our President, as I think we can all agree, believes that he is the smartest person in the room. You can see that via his current live updates on TV. Now he has and is making mistakes. Again, no one is perfect……all Presidents have made mistakes. Today, Senator Rand Paul stated he has Covid 19. Rand Paul took a test several days back with the thinking he might have been infected. But he did not listen or follow the basic rules that our Government (he is a part of) told us to do? Nope, instead he continued his day to day which is now resulting in spreading the infection to others. Now more personal to my surroundings, I had to make the badly needed trip to a Walmart Super Center. This is not my normal shopping place but I was in need of some things. First, I am the ONLY person in the store wearing a protective mask along with taking extra precautions. etc. People are looking at me like I am crazy. I enter the store, reach for the hand sanitizer towel that you see next for the carts and it was filled with paper towels? After checking out, all of the store workers have no protection from anyone or anything. They are just working a normal day as far as Walmart is concerned. What kind of management is that?

So, you are thinking this guy “hates Republicans and Walmart.” That is not the point, just the current stuff that has come into my focus recently. Now, are you ready for the answer to What Makes a Good Leader and something I personally follow to this day??? A good leader Hires People Smarter than Themselves. They listen, they discuss and they get out of the way letting those smarter then you assist in making whatever you are doing successful. Be it the President, the manager at a Walmart, salesperson, electrician, VP, Director, CEO, etc. To be successful you have to take risks and there are a lot of people that do not or cannot take those risks. That is totally fine for those that do what they want and like what they do for a living. But as a person that takes risks, you are the one that is moving things forward to reaching a final goal or target. To do this you need smart people. In my life, engineers, accountants, warehouse managers were good at what they did and we hired them and trusted them. In my life today, financial people, handyman, accountants, realtors are all people that provide me all the needed assistance and work that makes my life successful today. No one is beneath me and you will know the good people from the incompetent. Hire the good and build a lon-lasting relationship. They are the ones that will help you take that risk that hopefully makes you the money you want or need to be successful.

So there you go, it’s that easy. Hire people smarter than you then get out of the way. Don’t worry there will be plenty of big decisions that of course, you will make in the end, but let people work WITH you not FOR you.


One thought on “Divorced Dad Does – What Makes a Good Leader?

  1. Great post Carter! Working with others is key. And nobody is beneath you. Love that! It’s what I teach my kids and how I was raised myself. šŸ™‚ Hope all is well with you!


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