What is the One Piece of Running Gear you Love?

As a runner, I love being outside.  The weather, the views, the sounds (when in the woods) are all things that I enjoy when running.  Its actually my mediation time to clear my head, get some exercise and come up with ideas for blogs like “What is the one piece of running gear you love?”

First, anyone can be a runner.  I think a lot of times people get intimidated from running because they feel it has to be fast or long or timed etc.  Running is about finishing.  Whatever the distance, terrain, weather, it’s about starting something you set out to do and completing that goal.  Fast, slow, walk/jog, whatever your pace may be, it is the right pace for you.  I think personally it is the idea of just getting out the door that feels like the biggest accomplishment sometimes.  We all have made excuses from time to time about actually putting on our shoes and getting our run on.  I know personally that if I wait until past 10am, it will only get harder for me to start a run.  I am not sure what or why that is, but its a first thing in the morning kind of thing or else I find myself making more and more excuses as the day goes on.

Now, back to this big blog topic idea I had while running in 25-degree weather the other day.  First, we all know shoes are the most important thing for any runner and yes, technically probably the one piece of running gear you love.  I love my Hoka Speedgoats and cannot run without them.  I love them so much that when I find a discount on them I will buy multiple pairs so to always have my favorite pair ready when I need to switch out shoes. 

Side Tip: Not a paid endorsement, but I use http://www.shoekicker.com to find my shoes at the cheapest prices.  I don’t care about color, I just care about the one shoe I like, so sometimes I am wearing something bright green, but I could care less because I am going to muddy them up anyways! Ok, back to my one favorite piece of running gear that I cannot live without.  About 10-11 years ago, a past but close good friend of mine gave me a Xmas gift that took me by surprise.  It was a green Nike Running Jacket (pictured) for cold weather running.  At the time I had no idea how useful that particular jacket would become because I started using it when running in the cold winters of Tahoe.  This jacket has endured snow, ice, and 0-degree weather for over 10 years now.  No rips or tears, no fading, no broken zippers….it just keeps going, a little like my running and personality.  And every year when winter comes around its the first thing I grab! 

It’s funny the things you think about when running.  I have all sorts of thoughts and ideas bounce around in my head and this jacket usually comes to mind about every time I put it on to go out for a cold run.  We runners can be a strange bunch sometimes with our little routines, superstitions and overall love for pain.  We have to drink or eat or not eat before runs or races.  Certain GUI flavors over others, particular socks and even warm-up stretches that have to be done or you think your quad is going to bust!  All of these things made me again ask this one questions to other runners:

What is the one piece of running gear you love?


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