Is Life like a Puzzle?

Hey, have you done a puzzle lately?  Just kidding, I seriously believe about everyone has done at least one puzzle during the COVID-19 Shelter In Place rules over the past several weeks.  We just finished up a puzzle in my house and after completion, last night I started to think about how maybe our lives are puzzles in themselves.

Hundreds, even thousands of pieces jumbled all up in a box that is cut into never-ending shapes and colors.  Life seems to be pretty similar at times to that jumbled box wanting to somehow someway put those pieces together so that they fit exactly right, resulting in a finished piece of art.  Are our lives the art at the end of the puzzle?  Is there an actual finish to our life puzzle?  Every day it seems I am trying to put a piece together hoping to get one step closer to the finish.  Be it with relationships, work, kids, exercise, travel, friends, etc.  All those pieces are cut into so many different ways with the hopes that everything will fit together resulting in making our lives easier.

But guess what?  I am not sure we will ever put that puzzle completely together in the end.  Think about the bad decisions you have made when looking back in life, did they fit?  Relationships are serious puzzle pieces because everyone wants those pieces to fit together easily and perfectly.  I think a lot of us have tried to jam those pieces together to make them fit.  Hopefully, as the puzzle builds, we realize those were not supposed to fit together which means taking pieces apart to start over again.  Have you ever seen a couple that just doesn’t seem that they should ultimately be together which in the end can mess up the final picture?  I was in a relationship like that, but over time we both figured out our pictures were to have different finishes, which resulted in divorce.  Funny thing is afterward how many people were not surprised!  I guess when standing back from a puzzle you get a different view while most of us are right up on top of the puzzle making pieces fit together.

Kids can be a huge part of your puzzle too.  How you dream to see your kids turn out a way you expect only for them to be totally different altogether.  It is like looking at the picture on the box and realizing your puzzle might not look anything like its supposed to in the end.  They grow, change, have issues, learn, talkback, love in totally random order.  These examples along with adding all the other pieces of life create what you hope to be exactly like that picture on the box.

But you know what a puzzle ultimately teaches us?  That we have to have patience, we have to have a vision and we have to, no pun intended, think outside the box.  No one is going to have that perfect puzzle because there is no perfect life.  We will proceed through our lives the best we possibly can with hopes of achieving some of our dreams.  Those pieces in our life seem to be constantly changing shapes, making you change with them.  But holy cats does it feel good when sometimes two pieces actually do fit together perfectly.  The love of your life, your kids giving you a hug or even a nice stress-free vacation.  Those things do and will happen, it’s just keeping an open mind when they don’t that is going to matter in the big picture.

I can only hope that when my final puzzle is finished, yes I’m talking about death, that it will be the most beautiful, colorful jumbled up looking puzzle you have ever seen! 


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