Reasons Why I put a Deposit Down on a Tesla Cybertruck

I have learned my lessons when leasing and buying cars over the years. My first car was a $3000 1981 Honda Civic with snow tires on the front and 3 of the 4 cylinders working! I loved that car because I really did not have to care about it. We would drive it anywhere and everywhere will little regard to what happened to it…which was perfect for a 16-year-old. In College, I had a stripped-down but new Isuzu pickup truck and learned a lesson about everyone wanting to move furniture or kegs in college. That sucked and I swore never to buy a pick up again. In my twenties, I felt I needed something nice but dependable. That started my progression of buying Saturns. Not too expensive, but nice and I ended up owning first a 4-door, then my then-wife had a 2-door coupe and finally a Saturn VUE. That Saturn VUE did not come until later and I will get to that car soon.

Basically, I’ve learned over the years between throwing money away on leases and trading used cars for a new car sooner than needed, is that cars are not an investment!  But that was after in my early thirties of buying my first used 4 door BMW and then after I moved to San Francisco buying a 2 door 3-series convertible.  Those two cars created the way I think about purchasing today.  Not only did I have a very nice BMW, but I was also living in a place that had limited parking, parking spots that were small and crazy city drivers everywhere!  I had dings and dents and was always getting my BMW’s fixed at the body shop which just pissed me off!  The last straw was when I was hit and run at an intersection and the Police were like….“yep, that happens.”  Once I moved over to the East Bay with a baby on the way I traded a very expensive BMW for a Saturn Vue and paid the car off in cash. 

My new lease on life, no pun intended, was to drive a mid-model dependable car and have no issues beating the hell out of it getting every pennies worth.  Back then the VUE had plastic siding that you could not ding.  My kid could throw cheerios all over it, puke, whatever and we would hose it out.  Today, I have a Toyota 4Runner TRD because I spend a lot of time in Tahoe.  With 93k miles and counting it is trashed and I LOVE it!  Dings, dents, scratches and I just don’t care.  It is solid, tough and is a little like my personality.  I barely wash it and barely clean it out and it keeps on going!  But because of high mileage, I am planning for the future.

One thing I hate about cars is gas.  I hate the smell of it, I hate stopping to get it, I hate standing there next to a smelly pump with other people pumping gas and I hate how dirty and god knows what bacteria are on the handles.  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!  (Ok, the pun was intended)  So I told myself that when a decent, tough SUV/Truck comes out all-electric I was going to seriously explore my options.  That brought me first to the Rivian SUV.  Rivian seems to have made all the right steps in creating an all-electric SUV that I wanted.  It was cool looking, 400 miles to a charge along with some other cool features.  The only real knock I had against it was the price.  But I am a new and improved car buyer now and when I purchase my next vehicle I will drive it into the ground like my 4Runner today.  So after putting a deposit down for Rivian, why did I just put a deposit on a Telsa Cybertruck?  Well, the Rivian had a roadshow and I got the chance to look at one up close.  It was really nice and that was the issue.  It’s to nice for me to basically trash over 10 years of future driving.  $70k for a car just is not going to happen in my future, no matter how much money I might have….cars are not worth those prices.

So along came the Cybertruck with its futuristic steel siding, electric technology, and ugly looks.  After a couple of months of reading and researching, I put a deposit down!  The reasoning is as follows.

* Tesla has proven electric technology and I trust things will only get better and smarter.

* Self-drive mode is very appealing when driving over an hour somewhere.* Steel siding is durable and I will not have to worry about dings or dents.

* It’s tough and I like to drive anywhere and everywhere especially off-road into the mountains and deserts.

* It is not overpriced.  The cost will be in the $50k’s and that works especially when not paying for gas.

* Last, it is ugly and I like that best of all. 

Now, I just need my 4Runner to keep on driving into and past the 100,000-mile mark until the Cybertruck does deliver.  But Note:  I will read all reviews before taking delivery!


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