Make & Save Money with 5 Easy Tips!

Do you want to grow your money?  Do you want to make money work for you and not against?  With Covid-19 happening the economy is a downward spin….and, yes it’s going to get worse before it’s getting better.  NOW is the time to take advantage of the situation to invest and grow your money for the future.

Warren Buffett has a great saying “simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”  Basically, those that take risks, and I am not talking about jumping off a cliff type of risk, but the calculated cautious risk can make you money in the longterm.

So let’s review some ways to make/save money while this current crisis happening.

1.)  Stocks are falling and they will fall further before this is all over.  Now is a great time to buy solid blue-chip stocks like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Berkshire B shares, etc.  Don’t try and hit a home run with some new innovative techie whatever stock you just read about unless you have the stomach to watch it go up or way down.  Solid blue-chip stocks, for example, Apple which has Billions upon Billions of dollars in cash reserves could outlast most countries in a financial crisis.  Buy, Hold, and Make money in the long term.  Note:  Hold means years…if you can put something, anything away and not need it, now is that time.  Stocks go up and down all the time, but when looking at the history of the stock market it always goes up higher in the end.

2.)  Real Estate is a place to make or even save money.  First, if you have not researched refinancing now is the time to start checking rates.  Cutting points off your current interest rate will save you money each month.  Websites like will show you current loan savings along with other products like credit cards, personal loans, and insurance rates.  Also, banks are offering loan deferments concerning Covid-19.  If you ask, and you HAVE TO ASK, you may be able to take a 3-month deferment on your loan.  Basically you don’t pay your mortgage for three months and they just push your loan 3 months longer at the end.  That is money you could use now for other things needed, especially if not currently receiving a paycheck.

The other opportunity right now is to purchase a home.  Prices are falling and if you had planned to make a move, start watching websites like Redfin,, or Zillow to follow and even receive updates when home prices are adjusted.  People will and do panic wanting to get rid of their homes and that means an opportunity for you.

This process also works for the average real estate investor.  Looking at buying a rental home or a building?  Wherever that location may be, start tracking those properties and when the time is right, make a bid.  Correction, make a low bid.  You would be surprised what people will accept when stressed for money.  When looking at the long term history of real estate it always appreciates over time.  Buy low, Rent, Hold, and Sell when you are ready later.

3.)  Shop and Save money.  There are many things you will still need to buy while stuck at home.  Also, there might be some things that you thought too expensive to purchase in the past.  Well when there is no one walking into stores, the stores get panicky because they need to move product.  Using different shopping apps like Honey, Offer, Slickdeals, Rakuten, they will email you deals and discounts.  Stores need to move their products, even if at a loss and that is an advantage for you to buy something you might really want or need.  That results in money saved which in turn means money made to use to invest!

4.)  Look for government handouts.…No seriously.  Not food stamps or anything like that but it is in the best interest of the United States to keep the economy moving.  Remember Cash for Clunkers back in 2008?  You would get a huge trade-in value for your old car along with deep discounts for a new car.  Research different programs available now and in the future that you might be able to take advantage of benefiting your wallet.  My guess is there will be some mortgage and/or refinance program in the future too.

5.)  Negotiate your current bills lowering costs and saving/making you money.  You can go about this two ways, 1.)  Make the calls yourself to your internet provider, cable tv, cell phone service, insurance, etc.  And tell them that you would like to renegotiate your monthly bill because of the Covid-19 crisis.  Trust me, they DO NOT want to lose your business and you will be surprised how just asking can lower your bills.  2.)  You can sign up on a couple of different Apps. that will do this work for you.  For example, Truebill will do all the dirty work and if there are any savings they split it with you.  This is an easy way to save costs without sacrificing any services.

I freaked out when the 2000 Dotcom crash happened and was less fearful after the 2008 recession.  I have learned my lessons and am prepared and confident for this time around.  If you make $30k a year, $150k a year, or even more, money is money, and it’s your money to save and invest.  Think of it this way, you see a $5 bill on the ground, do you pick it up?  OF COURSE, you will, so why not pick up a bunch of $5 bills on the above methods and use it to invest and make more money.

Remember saving money is making money!


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