My Reasons for Why I HATE the Word Adoption

Article Headline:  “2020 Gerber Baby is First Adopted Baby Chosen for Campaign”  This article, which was posted everywhere, was the straw that broke my blogging back! This beautiful girl is “tagged” as adopted. Why do we care? We don’t and Gerber along with everyone else shouldn’t either.

I have two beautiful girls in my life.  They are literally everything to me and for those without kids, it is pretty hard to explain but you will do about anything to protect them in life.  Both my girls are completely different (Ying / Yang) yet they cannot live without each other which in my heart is all I could really dream for them as sisters.

One of my daughters was born in Northern California and the other was born in Central India.   So what is the FIRST question I almost always get from strangers when trying to engage in conversation?  “Is she adopted?”  To begin with, my first daughter, born in the U.S. is my biological daughter, and believe it or not, does look much like me at all!  I have actually been questioned if she was really my daughter once in an airport and another time in a grocery store.  Crazy right!  My second daughter joined our family from India and actually has more of my personality than my biological daughter!  Of course, we have different skin colors and for that very reason, people want to know if she was adopted. 

I want to make a pretty simple point.  I hate the word Adoption.  I really dislike how people always have to ask, and not in a private way or anything, but in front of my children, “Is she adopted?”  The reasoning is very, very simple.  She is not a dog or a cat.  She is not a thing but a person.  A person in my family is my family.  The process is called “adoption” but think about how it would be if you were constantly reminded that you are different.  You are not the same.  You are not part of your family AND you are an immigrant, technically.  That last one, “immigrant” really can hurt, especially in this stupid and ignorant political times we are currently living.  (Yes… a direct shot at our President)  How would that make you feel?  I am being serious….we work to create a family and strangers can pull apart all that work with that simple question.

If you are wanting or adding to your family, consider the process of adoption.  These children are looking for a family that will support, nurture and most of all love them.  Don’t get caught up in adopting from the U.S. or any other country as children are children and love is love.  I promise you it will be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

As my children have grown up we have always enforced the following mantra”  What makes a family? LOVE!  It does not matter where you came from or what ethnicity you are, LOVE is all it takes to be a family.  We care for each other, we will protect our kids and will do about anything to make sure they thrive, learn and grow to be happy, healthy, and tolerable human beings as they become adults.  And they will LOVE someone someday no matter ethnicity, culture or background.


p.s.- I understand what Gerber was trying to do here promoting adoption, in a sense, but it was not needed.

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