Jesus is Our Only Hope. You Sure About That?

Over the past couple of months as the Covid-19 overtakes our country and we safely shelter in place I have started to become frustrated. I have been seeing a constant message over and over.  Driving under a bridge the other day a sign hung on the railing that said: “Jesus is Our Only Hope.”  And I say to that REALLY?

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First, I am not looking for a religious argument or debate because as an Atheist I don’t care.  I don’t mean that in a mean spirited way, I mean that in a stop pushing your insecurity and beliefs onto myself and others.  In these extremely trying times as of today, over 80,000 people in the United States have died of the Covid-19 virus and I do not believe Jesus is our only hope.  A message like that tells me nothing except to hold my breath and see what happens.  And that just does not work.

I believe YOU are the only thing that is going to help us recover and I HOPE that you wash your hands, shelter in place, use a mask and follow basic common sense when interacting with others.  I believe you don’t need a GUN at a State House to make a point, or the need to INSULT workers in a store because they are enforcing basic health rules for shopping.  You see humankind is what we need to believe in if you want to solve some of the world’s biggest issues.  Seriously….. economic equality, climate change, pandemics are all in the hands of us….the human beings that live on this planet we call Earth.

I really do understand and have no issue with those that believe in a higher power.  It is your choice and that is great if it helps you lead a meaningful life.  But as an atheist, I sometimes see other things…. like some historical and significant conflicts that happened over religion.  The thousands of people that were preyed upon in the Catholic church.  The mega-churches that stand across this country that raise and spends billions of dollars without paying taxes.  And last, again from an atheist view, the perception that religion is about loving mankind except that they cannot love and respect other religions, beliefs, or views.

So when I see “Jesus is Our Only Hope” on a sign, I think No.  I think we as humans are our only hope, especially when it comes down to recovering from this crisis.  People are dying and money has already trumped our decisions into putting more people into harm with misinformation and misguidance.  We as humankind have to do better.  I Hope that we can overcome it.  I Hope that we use science and facts.  And I Hope I can trust you to make the right decisions that affect everything and everyone around you…..including my family. To everyone, everywhere no matter what you believe…..I Hope I can believe in you.


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