Suck It Up, Be An American and Wear the Stupid Mask

Seriously, this is going to be a short ranting blog with one basic message.  I understand wearing a mask does not look cool.  I understand that wearing one might make one think they somehow make you look weak.  And I understand that if you have bad breath….good luck because you get to breathe it all back. 

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BUT…just wear the stupid mask. It is being proven that it cuts the spread of Coronavirus by 75%.  Think about that, a 75% reduction in the spread of a virus that has killed 90,000+ Americans and 300,000+ worldwide.  You see the very basic fact is that you wear a mask, is not just for yourself BUT to protect others from people all around you.  It is a simple act of human kindness to save other humans.  No, you don’t see people falling over in the middle of the street dying, and they’re not many viral videos of people suffering, which seems like the only way to get people’s attention sometimes.  This is a different type of War. Its a Pandemic and it does not care about your political affiliation, your religion, or your nationality.

The fact that the President of the United States and the Free World does not feel the need to wear a mask only reinforces the incredibly unbiased scientific fact of not listening to people extremely smarter them himself.  I hear people voice their distrust and conspiracy of not only wanting to wear a mask or the fact that an actual virus is killing people by the hundreds of thousands.  There are some really smart and experienced people that do not care about politics BUT do care about saving lives.  Let’s just put down our guard of insults and ignorant thinking and just follow those that are experienced in these matters.

So do everyone a favor and just wear a mask.  It is so easy and so simple to save lives.  Again this is not to protect you as much as protecting others around you.  People can be carriers of Coronavirus without showing symptoms yet spread it to someone that could possibly get extremely sick or die.  Do you want to be responsible for someone else’s death?  I doubt it.

Below is a quick update on numbers by country.  Let’s not be the dumbest of them all and instead lead by example because honestly, we talk about how great the United States is, but guess what, there are other countries that can and do things better than Americans.  Let’s work together to solve this World Crisis.

United States        1.56m confirmed w/virus (92.258 dead American Citizens)

United Kingdom   249,000 w/virus (35,341 dead)

Italy                      227,000 w/virus (32,169 dead)

France                  143,000 w/virus (28,022 dead)

Spain                     232,000 w/virus (27,778 dead)

China mainland     82,965 w/virus (4634 dead)

Be Safe, Wear a Mask……Please.


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