When Outside Running Buff’it, Buff’it Real Good!

Runners, you know who you are!  Road running, trail running, running around lakes, around neighborhoods, and basically around circles.  It is time for all the walkers, hikers, and other runners to stop giving us the Evil COVID Eye!  You know the look…people ticked off when you are running towards them or passing from behind without covering your face.

On my trail run this morning I put a buff on around my neck.  I have used buffs in the past and they are handy for really long runs.  You can wear them around your neck, as a headband or head covering.  If its a bit brisk when running they are great ear coverings too.  I have this thing about cold ears or fingers…..if those are warm I am usually good to go in the cold.  But today was warm and I wore my buff around my neck.

Now, you’re thinking why is he talking about buffs?  Well when worn around your neck and coming around a blind curve on a single track, I look up and see a hiker coming at me.  So I pull the buff up over my nose and mouth and run past, pulling it back down about 10 yards later.  I did this about 8 times today passing people and you won’t believe what happened?  No dirty looks, no pissed off stares, just good ole plain thank you’s! 

You see wearing a mask around other people is a basic respect for others in these trying times.  It’s not the fact that I am scared of catching COVID, its that I am scared of giving COVID to someone else.  You can be a carrier without even knowing it and wearing a mask and/or a buff is a simple act of concern and kindness towards others.

So dig into your runner’s pile of clothing, gloves, socks, etc. and see if you can find your buff to wear on your next run.  If you don’t have one, Amazon or any running store will sell them for $20 or less.  By running and protecting yourself from others, you will be surprised by the positive looks and thank you’s you get from hikers, walkers, and other even runners.



One thought on “When Outside Running Buff’it, Buff’it Real Good!

  1. Yes, thank you, thank you! My husband and I go for long, long walks on narrow trails and are always shaken by the numbers of unmasked runners huffing toward us or into our air space as the pass us from behind. Hey, we don’t like masks either. Who does! It’s just simple kindness and respect for others. Thank you again. Hopefully someone will read and take heart.


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