If You Relate to These 5 Things, Join the Club

Over the last year as I get closer to age 50, I am definitely experiencing signs of aging.  Not the signs you would think, but those little things that sneak up on you and then realize….oh crap I am turning into my parents.  So let us come together and see if you are part of the club!

1.)  Us old folks LOVE coffee and we love it so much that we dream about it all night long.  We cannot wait to get up (usually way too early) to have a cup coffee, read the news in sit in the same comfy chair.  BUT that’s not all because we now drink Folgers, yes the big red plastic tub from the grocery store, and make it in a good ole fashion coffee maker.  Why?  Because it just less of a pain in general.

This is sad but true…I got tired of blends and specialty mixed coffees because honestly, it was just too much to deal with, literally.  Combine simplifying the coffee bean selection with an easy to use coffeemaker, and I am happy, happy, happy!  Note that simplify and easy to use are the keywords!

2.)  We are standing in a drug store waiting for a prescription to be filled and notice the wall of bifocals.  You know what I am talking about because we have all thought “hmm…I am going to try a pair on for the hell of it.”  Then comes the big sigh…because we can actually see better!  You would think we would be happy but then we realize noooo….by parents wear these! 

Today I have 5 pairs, yes 5 pairs of bifocal glasses scattered around my house so that I can grab a pair anywhere when needed.  I am getting to a point of not being able to function without them.

3.)  Along with needing bifocals, we enter a dimly lit restaurant and are handed the menu.  But wait, we cannot read this because its to dark in here!  Even with having our new super-duper, kind of large on our face bifocals, which we could care less about looking goofy in public anymore.  We sadly have to pull out our IPhones to use the flashlight feature to actually read it.  Sometimes if its a really nice place we ask our partner to order for both of us so as not to flash a light in the middle of the restaurant. 

When this happened I looked up at my girlfriend and said “Crap!”  I can’t see the menu like an older person.  And to go a step further where in the past I would have been embarrassed, this time I just did not care.  Also, I might have made a comment about why are the lights so friggin dim!

4.)  Aches, pains, and more pains, if there is a pain we have it.  Back pain when lifting something or maybe getting off the floor.  Neck pain when driving or turning our head the wrong way.  We search on our laptops via WebMD for what might be causing the issue and how to correct it.  We have thoughts about yoga and online stretches yet just cannot commit.  Some of us know our chiropractors personally.  So much so that when we walk into the office everyone knows our name like Cheers.  And if you got the Cheers reference, keep reading because you belong here!   Whatever it was that bothers us in the past was no big deal but now, well I am going to say it for all of us, It Is A Pain! 

As an avid runner and biker, the little aches and pains are starting to turn into big aches and pains.  So now I have to do certain stretches along with taking care of my back and neck or I will pay for it later!   When younger I was up and out the door but now I need an idea of where and how long I am going to run or bike so that I don’t get myself stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Basically I use to run wild and now I have to think everything out.

5.)  Our kids, our beautiful loving kids are growing up and maturing faster then we know what’s happening.  As they use their phones, computers, and language that we are unfamiliar plus listening to music that would never play on our speakers.  We actually mumbled the words “back when I was in school” and “when I was your age” from time to time only to be met with eye rolls.  We are told that “you just don’t get it” and “you are too old to understand.”  all the time.

Sad…but these are true statements coming out of the mouths of my two teen girls.  They use to be so sweet and innocent, Sigh…..

Getting old is not a bad thing, heck we have a lot of plans, ideas, and things that we want to accomplish.  But it has come to a time for most of us, as we get into those late ’40s, that things start to really change mentally and physically.  We know we have to keep ourselves motivated and to keep pushing forward. 

I think that is the most important part of aging and I pledge to keep pushing forward along with enjoying life.  Please feel free to share your stories and welcome to the club.



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