Its Not a Protest, Its a Movement Stupid!

I try to think of myself as well informed by reading a lot of different publications along with watching the variety of news channels.  I understand the leaning views, especially with “opinion news”, going one way or the other and take that into account when listening to the rhetoric.  This is a monumental time in our lives and I want to understand everything so that my kids learn the before, middle and after of our current politics.

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We are not watching a protest but an actual movement for our country.  Watching Fox News you can see and hear the panic in the voices of those that defend “the white side of things” as each day brings more fear and rhetoric spewing from what I can only think of as a wild animal getting backed into a corner.  They seem to believe that it is their responsibility to provide “the truth” of the other side for white conservatives, and its getting sickening to a point of continuing to cross a dangerous line.

Side note:  What is a white conservative?  Religious?  Only when it’s to their beliefs and not others.  Fiscal responsible?  Have you seen the deficit?  Making America Great Again?  I’ve read about the ’40s,’50s, 60s and I don’t want to live in an archaic time period.

One particular person, Tucker Carlson seems to be the poster boy for the Fraternal White Guy blowing the ever non-stopping dog whistle to his viewers in hopes of achieving some type of reaction that I am not sure even he understands.  The danger and rhetoric that words do really matter, but those that voice these unstable views seem to look at it as a game.  You see when someone has or will respond in a dangerous manner following this systematic call to the wild, Tucker Carlson, like others at Fox will NOT be the ones that actually do the dirty work or get harmed.  They will be in their “safe neighborhoods” watching from above.  And don’t tell me he talks for the every-man as he makes millions from his words.  And money always seems to come first over everything else.

Remember Glen Beck?  Gone.  Bill O’Reilly?  Gone.  Roger Ailes?  Gone.  These are just some of the big names that have had to leave because of Fox News scandals.  Yet they understand that money which equals ratings is bigger than truth and conscious.  Ever notice how almost every Fox woman news anchor is blond?  Do you think that is a coincidence or a way to attract “white guy” viewers?  News in today’s World is not really news but opinion, and that goes for other networks as well. 

Add misinformation from Facebook, Twitter, and where ever else on the internet and now you have a powder keg that is building.  You see if you look back at history almost every mass shooting was by an angry white guy with a gun.  That white guy is pissed for one reason or another and looks to be feeding off the Fox News tube. 

At this point today, at this very moment, there are a bunch of angry white guys with guns that are getting sick and tired of receiving no attention as this movement is causing a major shift in the lines of race and politics.  Fox News is stoking daily to this fire and I am afraid there is going to be a wildfire spreading in the near future.

What is happening today is the Right and Just thing to making our Country and World better for all humans.  President Obama was a slap in the face of the threatened white person and Trump was their savior.  As with most divisive leaders in history, the savior is usually the main person to bring them all down together.  And right now you can see it happening in real-time.


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