You Can Make Money Just Like Me Writing on Medium!

Ha!  Did my title draw you in just like a lot of the other Medium publications that talk about making money when blogging?  You know what I am talking about… “I Made $5000 on one Article:””How you can Earn 6 figures writing every day!”  Along with “Rules for Writing” and “How to Write a Published Article” etc, etc. etc….

Well if you want a real story here is my post.  Back in March I was feeling pretty depressed and was not sure why, how, or what was causing it.  After talking to a therapist, she suggested I just write things down my thoughts and feelings.  Instead of fighting the advice as usual I decided to just do it!  So the first thing I did was write a letter to my estranged father.  I knew there was not going a reply but that was okay.  I wanted to get my thoughts out showing how I have succeeded without any of his influence in life.  It was nothing mean per se but just a 30-year update with an attached picture of my beautiful family.  Whew…it actually felt good!

I won’t lie and say that I never thought about writing before.  I was fortunate to retire early in life and always wanted to become a professional speaker or even publish a book someday.  Instead, I directed my efforts into non-profits along with some politics, and ended up learning even more about myself and life in general!  So March of this year, I started Divorced Dad Does ( and wanted to share everything from Investing, Parenting, Divorce, Running, along with other general thoughts on different topics.

Writing on Medium has been a huge learning experience.  I am published on a couple of Medium platforms but it seems impossible to get published on the Medium Sponsored publications, the ones that really pay.  I work at writing 2-3 times a week depending on what I feel I can share from my personal experiences.  If you look back on previous posts you will see that I write more for myself and less about just trying to make money getting published.  I don’t want to write about topics just for clicks.  I want to present a real person with real success and mistakes trying to relate personally.

I have tried various things in my last 50+ posts experimenting with my writing and topics.  I find that it can be a lot of work to punch out an article, read it, re-read it, and then re-read it again.  I use the free Grammarly program for punctuation (which just corrected my spelling of Grammarly and punctuation) and work on my Headline Titles using  Both programs were suggested to me via another writer and they have made a big difference.  I also use a Capital title tool because using the proper capitalization on your title is kind of important!

So back to how much I’ve made writing in the last four months with 50+ articles?  You are going to be impressed that I have made about $15.00 in total!  Yep….$15 whopping bucks!  I have grown my followers which is nice because that gives a small shot of instant gratification that someone actually wants to read your posts!  But making big money so far, no so much.

So giving my advice on what I have learned so far…be yourself, write for yourself and even write about yourself.  Trying to write things that may not really interest you could make you money.  But writing for yourself can give you something money cannot buy and that is mental self-confidence.  If you are starting out, feel free to ping me anytime and I am more then happy to share other pitfalls and successes.


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