Follow These 2 Runner Tips to Be Awesome

Whatever type of runner you are or attempting to be, there are two simple rules that you can follow making yourself successful. I have been training first-time and experienced runners for over 10 years getting them ready for 5k, 10k, and Half marathons. Running can be such an important part of your life helping you to improve your confidence, physical health along with your mental health.

The first rule is to run for yourself. I know you are thinking…of course, I am running for myself! But what I really mean is by running for yourself, you are not tied to other runners around you. There are so many different types of runners and a lot of people feel disappointed when running with faster people. No matter how fast or slow you are you need to remember that all that hard work you are putting in results in your own successes no one else’s. I have seen a lot of runners give up because they were passed on a track workout or lapped on a training run. You have to be in it for you and you only. Once you accept that fact, you can work on improvement, speed, technique….whatever. Just do it for you.

The second rule is to finish. Again… are thinking of course I am going to finish! Well so many runners miss the importance of actually finishing a race. They get so tired up in what other people did ahead of them or what time they got that they forget that they achieved something awesome! Only approx. 1–2% of Americans have or can run a 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon! Think about that the next time you are there getting your run on! You are in the top 1% to actually put shoes on, train regularly, and run a race. Runners forget that sometimes because when you get wrapped up in the hundreds or even thousands of runners in a race, you can feel inadequate with other runners being faster. You need to remember this one phrase that I preach to people over and over: Finishing is Winning!

That’s it! Two simple things that can make you a better runner physically and mentally. Anyone can be a runner. Again…ANYONE can be a runner no matter what speed you run. As long as you log some miles consistently and enter, run and FINISH a race, then you should feel on top of the World while everyone else is sitting around doing nothing! The more you finish the more you will succeed not just in running but in other aspects of your life too.


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