Three Tips to Being the Best Salesperson

Do you want to be good at what you do?  Do you want to lead everyone else in sales on your team or even at your company?  First, if you say no then stop reading!  All salespeople should be motivated to be the best of the best in whatever work situation you are currently employed.  I am going to give you three simple tips to be the best salesperson you can be….you are going to think I am tricking you.

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Now before I provide these simple solutions to being the best in your office.  You have to understand something that is pretty hard to contend with especially for the younger generation.  Things do not happen overnight.  You do not become the best at something in hours, days, weeks, or even months.  Especially when it comes to sales, you are going to make mistakes, you are going to learn and you will then succeed.  I was pretty much self-taught as a salesperson and mastering took time.  Patience is key to succeeding at about anything.  Failing and then learning from those mistakes will only make you a better person.

Number One: Be Honest.  You have to speak the truth to your customers.  By the way…everyone is a customer.  From the receptionist to your contacts to your boss etc.  Once you establish yourself as being an honest person that does not feed the BS machine, you will start the separation between yourself and your competitors.  You see it is EASY to promise everything, but it is HARD to deliver when you over-promise.  Before retiring early, my customers knew that if something could not be delivered on a specific date, that I would let them know far in advance.  I would also work towards a solution so that maybe I could exceed the expectations set.  There is nothing worse than burning your customer with false information because their job depends on you doing the job you promised.

Number Two: Be Genuine.  When talking about issues with your customers, be genuine when stating how you are going to help solve an issue.  Being real goes a long way towards building customer relationships.  Learn about your customer’s business, personal interests, and create that relationship.  You want them to tell you if there is an issue or maybe a competitor is offering better service or pricing.  If you truly care about their business, they will care about you keeping their business and once you are in that position you have a customer for life!

Number Three: Be Available.  I started in the days when the internet was coming online and we did not have cell phones.  That meant I would always pick up my phone, no matter what, in three rings or less.  When instant messaging became a thing, my people were the first to use it with our customers.  They knew if they had an issue they could ping or call us anytime for help.  In today’s world there about a million different ways to communicate with your customers.  Find the ones that they are using and become available.  I will admit that there are customers that can be a pain taking advantage of the accessibility, but it will pay off somewhere down the road when a big opportunity comes up with that customer.  You have to be available because if you are not available, your competitor probably will be!

A beginner in sales or a seasoned professional can always learn something new when in sales.  Be Honest, be Genuine, and be Available.  Use these simple solutions to making yourself that best not only in your business but in your customer’s business too.


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