A Vaccine Cutting the Spread of COVID by up to 85% Is Found!

It is about time!  Finally, our medical experts have found something that can cut the spread of COVID by 50%-85% and it’s already available!  Its called A Mask!

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Yep, if this was a shot, people would be lining up to have a needle stuck into their arm to reduce their chances of getting infected.  But instead of doing something so completely easy and respectful to others around them, it has become a “Loss of Freedom” to even think about wearing it. 

Loss of freedom is when a police officer puts his knee on your neck.  Loss of freedom is being racially stereotyped when walking around a store.  Loss of freedom is having someone fire you because of your sexual orientation.  But a mask…..seriously you are not losing any freedom if anything you are speeding up the possibility of being freed from this virus.  It is so draining to read day after day about people that refuse to not only help others but to help themselves.  Throw a fit in the middle of a store, cuss someone out for asking them to cover their face, we have all seen it and it’s ignorant.

You want school to start up again?  Would you like to watch football this Fall?  How about going out to eat someday inside a restaurant?  Then either make a mask or go buy one because they are in stock everywhere.

This is your vaccine and this is the time to take COVID seriously.  If we listen to our experts and do what other countries have done we too could continue with our daily lives faster then never.



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