How Trump is Making America Great…

Before you delete this blog post or think you know what I am going to say… first.

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Trump is making America great again and it is by no way what he wanted or planned to accomplish.  You see I did not vote for Trump and went on record the day he was elected with the following statement:  Everything he has ever touched has ended up crashing and burning leaving a trail of causalities in its wake…except for him personally.  He has a long list of failing in businesses from multiple Casinos to USFL Football.  He has one tool in his arsenal and that is to legally out sue anyone that goes after him.  Anyone that has been involved in a lawsuit knows that is dangerous if you use it to profit.

How is he making America great again?

* He has brought the racists out from hiding.  His white nationalist agenda has emboldened the stupid and ignorant which brings to attention that America is not done evolving culturally.  From politicians to every day “Karen’s” have been showcased to everyone.  BLM is here because the envelope was once again pushed way too far…and with it has brought more attention to the underlying cracks in our society.  Hard things have to be tackled and our President brought it to the forefront.

**  He brought down the Confederate legacy by having memorial statues and names stricken from where they stand!  Obama could not accomplish that…and Trump did it in 3 short years.  I mean jeesh… NASCAR banned the Confederate flag…that is a big deal!!  Hopefully, Andrew Jackson is gone and $20 Tubman’s are in the future.  Finally, we stop celebrating Treason and Traitors to the United States.

***  The swamp he was clearing out exposed the swamp where he actively swims.  Thinking you would see all the ugly Democrats doing all the bad deeds?  Well, it’s been mostly Republicans that been getting exposed from everything from insider trading, racist tweets, lying to Congress along with GOP members not standing up against this Mad King.  The President himself has been exposed to profiting off the taxpayer and that will be remembered with further politicians.

****  Trump has exposed the importance of needing to listen to people smarter than himself.  Basically, the United States has a lot of very intelligent people that want to help American society.  By not listening to the FBI, CIA, Scientists, etc… he has exposed that the Government is in place to actually protect the American people, not hurt it.  There is a reason we have these offices and betraying them only compromises the entire U.S. Government.

*****  The key to making America great IS immigration.  Google, Apple, Budweiser, Sara Lee, Blue Jeans, Basketball, and even the song “God Bless America” were all invented by immigrants.  That is just a very, very short list…but you get the picture.  The ability to live in Freedom along with making a better life for yourself, family, and others is why this country exists.

****** This President has shown that Republicans are not fiscal conservative.  Starting with tax cuts for the rich, yes…I got a tax cut I did not ask for, to further debt on overspending on a variety of things.  The U.S. Debt is the highest it has ever been in history.  And it is still growing.

******* Last, the President has made it extremely clear that the Office of the President is important not only to America but to those around the World.  What you say and do matter.  People count on POTUS to bring people together, solving large issues, and protect its citizens.

This list can continue but I think we all get the idea that President Trump has broken about every window on the house.  The more windows broke the weaker the houses’ ability to protect the people inside. 

Sometimes you have to burn everything down to be able to build it back up again.  Hopefully, we will take advantage of this opportunity in our next election with the idea of rebuilding to Make America Great for the Future.


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