Do You Rest When Injured? Of Course Not, We Are Idiots!

It happened the dreaded injury that had my doctor tell me that I should not run for several weeks.  Oh…that is not what I want to hear from anybody.  Does she not understand running is my meditation, my exercise, my time to think, and my time to challenge myself.  Like most type A personality runners out there, I made it one week and then…..out the door I went!

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Backing up just a bit, I actually injured myself not by running but falling down a flight of stairs.  Yep, hands full, wearing socks on wooden floors, I went down 10 of the 12 steps at home by myself.  After a couple of agonizing minutes of screaming in pain, I crawled close enough to an Amazon Echo yelling for Alexa to call my girlfriend!  I was not sure if I needed help or not…but getting someone on the phone just in case was my only concern.  After finally recovering enough to stand up I knew something was wrong. 

Spending the next several days in pain, I finally got a doctor and then an X-ray confirming I had fractured my rib.  Basically walking, sitting, standing, sneezing, and breathing was laborious, to say the least.  After one day of being whacked out on pain meds I decided to stick with Advil the rest of the way.  The doctor stated two things:  1.)  It is going to take 4-6 weeks to heal and 2.)  You should take a break from exercising for a while.

And that is how I made it one week before going for a 4 miler, then 5.5 miles and finally 7 back on single-track.  You see we are runners and making us not run is not an option.  Going stir crazy without getting a sweat on is actually really difficult to manage.  Especially when running is part of your depression management.  I understand that resting is important and I have probably preached that to others when they were hurt.  But its easier to tell someone else to rest then yourself!

Let’s face it…for most of you reading this we runners are a different type of person.  Pain is part of our DNA and pushing through is what we have learned to do when finishing tough runs.


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