Money Makes the World Go Round

Are you like me and think how in the World would Trump ever get reelected?  There are mass protests, daily gas-lighting and misinformation, spreading and increasing COVID deaths, barely any sports, 30% unemployment, and small businesses dropping off the map.  So when I see different presidential polls showing he still has support I start to wonder why?

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The late NBC Executive Don Ohymeyer once stated “The Answer to All Your Questions is Money.”  You see if stocks are up and the rich are getting richer, then basic common sense and values seem to go out the window.  I am fortunate to have retired young but unlike a lot of people I do not vote with my wallet I vote on principle. So when Trump was elected and then gave tax cuts along with building a house of cards economy, I have been making money and a lot of it.  I did not ask or want any of the things he has ever offered but others do and still want Trump in office accelerating the gap between the Rich and Poor with an expanding lower class.

I was raised that if you are paying more in taxes then you are doing something right.  Basically I have no issues paying my share…and trust me I have paid millions in taxes.  That’s cool…I get it and in return, I hope those dollars go somewhere useful like paying teachers, fixing infrastructure, or support and education programs for the disadvantaged.

But you see the other reality of living in the United States is basically everyone is out for themselves.  You can talk the talk and say the right things, but in the end, people will do what is best for them, especially financially.  We live in a society of advancing ourselves and family first and then, maybe helping others.  Trump understands this and that is a big reason for his scare tactics and misinformation.  It is a dangerous game that we have been sucked into over the last several years and in my heart, I think the ship will eventually right itself.  But, 40% of the American people support a madman that is narcissistic, racist, dishonest, unethical….and that is scary.

I was talking to a friend this morning about all of this and she stated “People followed Hilter.”  Looking back you think how in the hell?  But then you stand back and realize, maybe we are not as smart as we think we are in general.  We are out for ourselves in the end and I really do hope that America can become the real country that it needs to be to succeed for the future.  Equality for all no matter gender or race or economics.

Fingers crossed.


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