The Positives of a Pandemic!

I think we can all pretty much agree that the year 2020 has basically sucked.  Pandemics, politics, natural disasters, limited travel on and on… But as I was out and about today it kind of hit me about what positives have come out of this crazy pandemic, so let’s review.

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First, I have a feeling that our flu season actually might not be that bad because (drumroll please…) we are all wearing masks!  Somewhat of a germaphobe going into this pandemic, I use to wipe down my airplane seat and use hand sanitizer after getting gas, using an ATM, or grabbing a grocery cart.  I hate getting sick and after years of travel, I learned that little things like that helped prevent.  Well if not at minimum 80% of the population is wearing a mask I can only hope that I will not get the flu this year!!

Second, driving around the area along with making some trips back and forth to the Tahoe area, traffic has never been better!  Actually one of the things I hate and I mean HATE is traffic.  I feel like it’s the biggest waste of time sitting in a car looking at other cars barely moving.  Well for the past several months I have been zipping to and from everything without the worry of rush hour or avoiding known traffic backup’s.  I almost feel free and liberated!

Third, I am a selective introvert meaning I only engage with people if I want or really have to or otherwise I just avoid other people.  Well, this pandemic has kept me from people and vice versa.  Today in the grocery store people go out of their way to avoid each other.  With the neighbors, no small talk no nada!  It’s like you can breeze in and out of stores (that are open) and get whatever you came there for without people approaching you to help etc.  Honestly, this has been one of the best things for someone like me!

Last, I have had the ability to spend a lot of time with my kids….not that I did not already spend a lot of time with them, to begin with, but this kind of cemented the family unit between my two girls, girlfriend and myself.  At times yes you need and want some space but otherwise, I love my girls, and spending time with them is one of the things that tops my list.  I can only hope this just makes us closer as we get older.

Now I really, really cannot wait for 2020 to be over.  I only hope that we have a change of government, a handle of the pandemic, and the ability to take a vacation of the country.  Let’s hope together.


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