When Did 2021 Turn Into Y2K?

I am reaching back into the vault but remember when the World was going to end on the first day of 2000?  Clocks were going to stop, traffic lights would go berserk, the internet would cease to operate and airplanes were going to fall out of the sky.  With the way 2020 has stressed me, and I am sure most of you out, I am praying that 2021 turns out to be exactly like 2000!  Why?  Because with all the doomsday scenarios nothing really happened!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

From pandemics to racial inequalities, smoke-filled days from fires, flooding from hurricanes, bad politics, bad behaving people, and most of all an unstable President, I want out of 2020 really, really bad.  Really this year cannot end fast enough. 

But once I started envisioning 2021 I got a little scared.  What if things don’t work out.  What if our current President either wins or loses and refuses to leave office?  Will the weather goes back to normal or will we continue with crazy climate scenarios?  Or what if people continue to fight racial inequality further with more violence and deaths?  These are things that are started to actually keep me up at night.

I have two girls and trying to explain the current state of the World sounds when talking out loud….crazy!  I mean seriously my kids understand human dignity.  They have gotten to grow up in a very diverse population but still!!!  I grew up in the rural midwest and I never saw color only people.  Are we really that dumb of a society that adults are teaching their kids racism or is it a minority but loud few that are trying to pour gasoline on a fire?  Those are much bigger questions that I cannot answer but wish I could solve.

To be honest, I am putting all my chips on having a new President.  This country needs calm, unity, and most of all a leader.  Right now it is a free for all from city to county to state to the federal govt. Everyone is doing their own things and I think we could agree that COVID has been handled poorly…especially when we are supposed to be the greatest country on earth!  Do I think it will be all sunshine and roses in 2021?  No, but secretly I am hoping for it.

I am tired of stress.  I am tired of 10,000 different news/opinion cycles of information being thrown in my face.  I am tired of living in a country that honestly I am not the proudest to be living in right now.  That does not mean I am going to give up or leave but I am going to try and continue to raise my children to treat all humans, no matter of opinions, cultures, or creed to be kind, understanding, and helpful.  At the minimum, I know they understand what is right and wrong.  I just wish other people did too so that in the future we can laugh about how shitty that year 2020 was and how great things are now.  I can only hope.


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