Are You An August Landmesser? I Hope So!

You may or may not have heard the name, August Landmesser. He was a German Shipyard worker expelled from the Nazi Party for marrying a Jewish woman. Having two children, both growing up in an orphanage, his wife was imprisoned and eventually died. August was forced to fight and died in the war. Reading his story reminded me of our current political situation.

There is so much more to this person’s life, but what made him stand out was the fact that he stood out!  On June 13th, 1936 standing with hundreds of ship-workers, he was the only person not to Heil Hitler upon his visit to the docks. You can see in the picture, circled, standing with arms crossed in defiance of the Nazi Leader.

To do something like that takes guts…a lot of them! But what matters today is how he the lone person to be on the right side of history. Instead of being a sheep and following his fellow man, he instead stood silent arms crossed. I bring up August Landmesser in this post today because that is what things feel like right living in the United States.

We as individuals need to look inwards and think, what side of history do we want to be on when our kids ask us questions about the year 2020. I wish I understood how people think sometimes. I did a small stint in local politics running a mayoral campaign twice, and every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, or I felt I knew how people felt. I was usually wrong. 

Big picture, I learned that people usually state, “What is in it for me?” We think and wish people thought of the bigger picture, wanting to protect or care for all individuals. Think climate change, taxes, education, etc. But it ultimately comes down to what do I get out of this vote. Trust me, I have been in all sorts of Union meetings, Pastor/Religious meetings, Police meetings, Non-profit meetings, you name it. And every time I was struck by “What do we get?” Decisions were never based on what was good for everybody. And as we roll into this November election, you can see the same thing. 

Conservative/Republican voters following our current President “seem” to be on the wrong side of history. They “seem” to be the sheep like the Nazi’s standing around Landmesser on that day in 1936. I hope that I am on the right side of history when this is all over because I have to face my children, and I cannot talk values, moral responsibility, truthfulness, and a host of other things if I was to vote for Trump/Pence.

Heil Common Sense.


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