Everyone in Des Moines Iowa Just Died!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Or pick any of these cities…

Des Moines (214,000)
Rochester (205,000)
Tempe (161,000)
Tallahassee (158,000)
Savannah (128,000)
Shreveport (191,000)
Reno (203,000)
Spokane (196,000).

What If….what if one of those cities got wiped out. Let’s say over several months, the residents in one of these towns all died. Dead, gone…the city was empty. Do you think it would be acceptable to those that lived there? Do you think people in other parts of the country would be distraught or sickened by seeing an entire city just wiped out? Or…do you think people would act to figure out what the hell happened, so it does not happen to them or their city?

Well, Covid-19 has taken 200,000+ American lives. Because bodies are not lying in the streets and we have a President & Politicians that are not enforcing the seriousness of this pandemic, 200,000+ is one of these cities plus more! Think about it, when you put it into one entire location, maybe it is serious? Maybe we should be wearing masks and listening to scientific experts about what is happening and how to deal with it.

When our President states very few have died, think about that as a City that is gone. Except since these people are spread out across the country, approx. 45% of Americans refuse to wear a mask! If someone was randomly walking around the country just shooting people, say 200,000 so far, would you wear a bulletproof vest? Pay attention to others around you? Take caution when interacting outside? I think we would all say YES.

So why the stupidity of either not believing in science or refusing to wear a mask? You can say America is the greatest country on earth, but at times lately, you would have to question that logic. We are way above the world average for deaths, yet to a lot of people, since you cannot see it or even maybe feel it, someone is going to die. We just don’t think it will be us.


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