I Am One Dumb Atheist

If you do not think this is not about politics, then you are wrong. Giving this election time to sink in with all the chaos involved, I’ve expected everything so far that has happened.

A certifiably crazy President…Check.

A group of supporters chanting “USA” yet not accepting Democracy…Check.

Fox News recycling the same lies told by the current Administration…Check.

Photo by Shelagh Murphy on Pexels.com

But what really caught me off guard and just pissed me off was the 73 MILLION people that still voted for Trump. Almost half of our voting population voted for a liar. A cheat. A disillusioned personality. Of those 73M people, I would bet most are attached to some type of religion. I know a person with “Pray Hard” tattooed down their arm and yet voted for a person that carries none of what I thought were religious principles.

I am an Atheist and am supposed to be the devil. The one that goes to “Hell” when I die. But something I have known along with millions of other Atheists is that we have morals. We believe in not a higher power but ourselves. We believe in common sense, science, and good ole fashion societal morals. No mystical beings are controlling our lives, only we are in charge of our path. And with this election, my opinion of those that believe is even more tarnished.

Look, if someone wants to believe in something…great. As long as they have a moral code of conducting themselves around others, I have no issue. What I do have issues is with all the crap that Religion hides behind in the name of Religion…especially when it comes to Politics.

A dean at a university in Virginia has resigned after posting a statement on Facebook that called supporters of President-elect Joe Biden “ignorant, anti-American and anti-Christian.”

Money laundering, child pedophilia, tax fraud, political donations and even knocking on my door trying to convert me and others. If any CEO of a major public company did any of these things, they would no longer be a CEO. You see, for some reason, religion gets a pass when it comes to almost anything. Look at the 73 Million people that just voted for a fact-checked liar who is not religious (don’t even try arguing that point). People hide behind religion when they are out for personal gain. Using the name of religion to get what they want or need.

This will NEVER happen… but it’s time that religion was held responsible. Time to pay taxes on the billions of dollars raised to pay for the property, art, salaries, cars, and even private airplanes. If religion is going to play politics then it’s time they operate in a society like every other business. Because religion is not about believing in something, it’s about making a profit. Argue this all you want…but deep dive into Mormon businesses, Catholic church property holdings, Evangelicals, mega churches, even smaller churches in the crappy parts of town.

All your answers to any question is money. Of course, not all institutions are “bad” but if they are to operate, spreading opinion publicly, then they should be held accountable like everyone else.


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