I Am One Dumb Atheist

If you do not think this is not about politics, then you are wrong. Giving this election time to sink in with all the chaos involved, I’ve expected everything so far that has happened. A certifiably crazy President…Check. A group of supporters chanting “USA” yet not accepting Democracy…Check. Fox News recycling the same lies told… Continue reading I Am One Dumb Atheist

Everyone in Des Moines Iowa Just Died!

Or pick any of these cities… Des Moines (214,000)Rochester (205,000)Tempe (161,000)Tallahassee (158,000)Savannah (128,000)Shreveport (191,000)Reno (203,000)Spokane (196,000). What If….what if one of those cities got wiped out. Let’s say over several months, the residents in one of these towns all died. Dead, gone…the city was empty. Do you think it would be acceptable to those that… Continue reading Everyone in Des Moines Iowa Just Died!

Are You An August Landmesser? I Hope So!

You may or may not have heard the name, August Landmesser. He was a German Shipyard worker expelled from the Nazi Party for marrying a Jewish woman. Having two children, both growing up in an orphanage, his wife was imprisoned and eventually died. August was forced to fight and died in the war. Reading his… Continue reading Are You An August Landmesser? I Hope So!

Money Makes the World Go Round

Are you like me and think how in the World would Trump ever get reelected?  There are mass protests, daily gas-lighting and misinformation, spreading and increasing COVID deaths, barely any sports, 30% unemployment, and small businesses dropping off the map.  So when I see different presidential polls showing he still has support I start to… Continue reading Money Makes the World Go Round