Is Your Depression Depressing You? Know Thyself!

I will overcome and if you feel this way I hope that you work on finding those signs that provide awareness so that you can Act and not have to React.

The Agony of Sharing your Feelings in a “Safe Space”

I have been married for 18 years and divorced for over 5 years now, and I can tell you the moment when I think I understood that our marriage was not going to last. I have converted over the years to be an advocate for mental health services.  Psychiatrists, psychologists, etc, are all important when needing… Continue reading The Agony of Sharing your Feelings in a “Safe Space”

The “D” Word

Do you remember the first conversation? I mean sure you had arguments, discussions, therapy sessions etc…. BUT, do you remember when the word “Divorce” was first said out loud? Friggin A….I do and its something I’ve learned to laugh about with my friends and family all the time now. Picture the scene…. beautiful home in… Continue reading The “D” Word